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COVID-19 State of Emergency ends in Japan, road to new normal begins

Updated: Jun 12, 2020


Key Points

  • Effective 26 May 2020, Japan lifted its nationwide COVID-19 state of emergency that had been in place since 7 April 2020.

  • Japan has always been a major international travel destination, and this development, as well as the relaxing of COVID-19 restrictions around the world, is causing international interest in travel to Japan to resume.

  • By as early as July, we expect international arrivals into Japan will resume, with a wider recovery likely in time for Japan’s 2020/2021 winter season.


The lifting of Japan’s nationwide state of emergency has come about earlier than was originally scheduled, as a result of the success of infection mitigation measures.

With the removal of the imposed restrictions, the economy generally will undoubtedly rebound. This rebound will extend to the travel and tourism sector, although with international visitor arrivals into Japan still restricted, the recovery in this sector will lag, and for now, will be domestic led.

Effective 19 June 2020, inter-prefectural travel throughout Japan will be allowed.

The lifting of the state of emergency does not mean that the virus has gone or that infections are down to zero, but the battle against the virus has achieved a significantly better result than was initially feared.

This all builds confidence and therefore renewed interest to travel. We look forward to welcoming the return of international tourism in Furano, hopefully, in the very near term!


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