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Daring to be different: Furano’s only vegan café "Navo" plays by its own rules.

Key Points:

  • Café House Navo breaks with convention, not only with its menu but also with its interior.
  • Unapologetically vegan in a region where even 'vegetarian' ramen can end up being served with a slice or two of roast pork!
  • A family-friendly eatery and bar you'll want to revisit.

When a group of craft-minded friends got together to help create a truly different eating space in Furano, Café House Navo was born! Located deep in the downtown area, set back from the road across from the Sapporo Co-op Supermarket, stepping into the quirky interior, all fashioned out of wood, is akin to stepping onto the page of a Dr Seuss storybook!

And just as kids love Dr Seuss books, so too they'll love Navo's interior, with its slides and hiding spaces that they can weave their way into and out of without fear of being told by management or staff to "sit still". Indeed the owner's two young girls will probably be present, ducking and weaving in amongst guests, as mum and dad attend to service.

Navo's menu is simple but delicious, with every option 'vegan'. A more simplified list of options is available at lunch as compared to dinner, which cuts down on wait times that sometimes can be a little long. But with your kids able to run around and enjoy themselves, whilst you relax over a beverage and a meal, who's going to care?

House Navo owner - 'Take'

House Navo owner - 'Take'

Say hi to owner Takeyasu 'Take' Takeuchi, a former National Rugby Player who you may find behind the bar or waiting tables. Recognise him by his height and an equally large smile. Also, enjoy the live music that is occasionally available when the owners' musical friends drop in and perform.

More information: Café House Navo

10-8 Wakabacho, Furano, Hokkaido 076-0022

Telephone: 0167 56 7993

Hours: 11:00 - 01:00 daily

Closed: Monday

Eat In: Western-style seating, shoes off.

Bar: Yes

Take Out: Yes.

Reservations: Yes.

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