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Known as 'Playground of The Gods'.

Our region is home to Daisetsuzan, Hokkaido's largest National Park, known to the local indigenous Ainu people as "Kamui Mintara" or "Playground of the Gods". This vast mountainous area includes some of Japan's most beautiful scenery, with dramatic snow-capped peaks, pristine lakes, lush forests and fertile plains. There is so much to see and do in central Hokkaido, so be sure you stay long enough to explore it all!

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Hokkaido Powder Belt

Furano is the principal resort in a group of central Hokkaido powder skiing and snowboarding meccas collectively known as the Hokkaido Powder Belt, The resorts of Kamui, Tomamu, Sahoro, Kurodake and Mt. Asahi (Asahidake), Hokkaido's highest peak, are all situated within 90 minutes drive of Furano. Some of the best lift-accessed and backcountry terrain in Japan can be enjoyed in and around these locations. Go with a guide, or plan a trip of your own, but don't miss including a mix of central Hokkaido powder snow destinations in your Furano winter sports itinerary. Private guided day trips start from JPY35,000 per 1/2 day for up to 6 persons. Ask us for details.

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Traverse the top of Hokkaido

The mountain trails of our region that include Hokkaido's highest mountain tops and its highest peak, Mt Asahi (Asahidake), offer options to explore more and should not be overlooked. Amongst these are the Asahidake Trail, the Kurodake Trail, and the Daisetsuzan Grand Traverse .Whether you are a beginner or an expert, exhilarating experiences, and outstanding panoramic views await you, Mt Tokachi (Tokachidake), a dominant feature of Furano's mountain horizon, with its world famous walking and skiing trails, also offers you the option to explore and experience one of Japan's most unique onsen regions, including its most unique onsen of all, the 'Wild Onsen'! Ask us for more details to help you plan an unforgettable central Hokkaido mountain experience.

Our region offers a wide variety of unique experiences and exhilarating activities. We don't want you to miss any!  Benefit from our experience and expertise and let us guide you on ways to enhance your stay.

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Re-connect With The Outdoors

The Furano region in central Hokkaido, is known for its purity and stunning natural beauty. The region is home to a variety of mountains, forests, rivers and expansive rolling plains. There are a wide variety of activities you can enjoy in every season to help you reconnect with the outdoors. Hiking, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, snow-shoeing, fishing, and rafting are just a few. You can also visit farms and learn about our famous crops and how they are cultivated.  Our region's spectacular flower farms are expansive and world famous and a must-see in summer.

Furano is the perfect destination for you if you are looking for a place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The longer you spend here, the more refreshed and invigorated you will feel. Ask us about the many activities you can include in your Furano itinerary, we are sure you will find it very difficult to leave! 

Unleash Your Inner Adventurer in Furano's Legendary Powder Snow

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