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Are there hospitals in Furano and other medical services?

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Furano Lofts Guest Services

Medical services in Furano are provided via specialty clinics, or via one of the two local hospitals, one of which offers emergency services with some English language support.

Doctors do not consult on an individual practice basis like they do in many other countries, so you may be directed to an ‘internal’ or ‘external’ medicine clinic depending upon your symptoms, or to a specialty eye, skin, orthopaedic or dental clinic accordingly.  

Medical, dental and related services are more reasonably priced than in many other countries and you will be required to pay for each service at the time of consultation.

Physiotherapy services and/or deep-tissue sports massage services are not commonly available. Chiropractic services are available however, and so too are relaxation massage and Shiatsu massage services.

There are several pharmacies/drugstores in Furano that sell over-the-counter medications and even items such as contact lens.

Prescription medications are dispensed with a local doctor’s prescription and at a specialty prescription supplies pharmacy only.

We will be pleased to assist guests to determine the best way to address any medical need or emergency that may arise during their stay.

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