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Is there any restriction on the types of foods that may be prepared and consumed at Furano Lofts & Chalet?

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Furano Lofts Guest Services

Some ingredients and/or foods that guests are used to using regularly at home may not be used at Furano Lofts & Chalet. This restriction includes all foods and/or ingredients that will leave, or have the risk of leaving, lingering odours after a guest's check-out.

Vegetables such as onion and garlic are precluded from use in any Furano Lofts & Chalet kitchen, as well as certain types of seafoods, such as crab and other shellfish.

Guests are responsible for the condition of their accommodation at check-out and if lingering odours are present and cannot be removed in time for the next check-in by newly arriving guests, requiring the relocation of these guests, then compensation will be payable to Furano Lofts & Chalet, as well as to the affected incoming guests.

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