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Private Onsen 

at Furano Lofts

Experience Japan's centuries-old bathing ritual

Private bathing onsen-style at Furano Lofts

Our onsen is available for private-use, by reservation only, and exclusively for guests of Furano Lofts. The experience of onsen, traditionally one of communal bathing, is made all the more comfortable and relaxing at Furano Lofts, where it can be enjoyed in total privacy. 

Furano Lofts is the only accommodation in Furano ski village to offer its guests the opportunity to experience Japan's centuries-old bathing ritual in an exclusive private-use onsen. Discreetly positioned in our mature gardens and affording a unique spa-like experience, our 'kashikiri' onsen enables our guests to refresh body and mind at the end of an active day.

Rejuvenate in our onsen's crystal clear waters

Generations of Japanese have practised the ritual of bathing in mineral-rich onsens to help restore and reenergise their bodies. Guests may enjoy onsen at Furano Lofts with the same aim and emerge refreshed, more limber and more zen.

The water of our onsen is pure, clear and steaming hot. It is gently infused with a rich compliment of micro-nutrients imparted by passing through a uniquely weathered, soluble mineral rock, known as 'bakuhan-seki'. This mineral rock has been recognised for centuries for its purifying and health-giving properties. Guests at Furano Lofts are invited to relax and rejuvenate in the calming, therapeutic environment of our private-use onsen.

Constructed using the highest quality Japanese 'hinoki' wood

We have made extensive use of the highest quality, knot-free 'hinoki' wood in our private-use onsen, ensuring that our guests experience the finest attributes of this beautiful material: its rich grain, smooth texture, soothing citrus-like fragrance and exceptional therapeutic benefits.

'Hinoki' wood (Japanese White Cypress) is one of the most prized woods in Japan. It has exceptional beauty and excellent strength. 'Hinoki' wood contains minerals and essential oils that, when combined with steam and inhaled, positively impact the mind and the nervous and respiratory systems.  For these reasons, 'hinoki' has always been the wood of choice for creating traditional Japanese baths. 



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