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Get your golf fix in Furano

Key Points:

  • Furano's low humidity summer climate makes it a great place to enjoy a round of golf.
  • From recreational 'park golf' to 'pro tournament' standard courses, getting your golf fix in Furano comes with a variety of options.
  • Surrounded by stunning mountains and lush forests, our local golf courses let you indulge in a round whilst still taking in the sights of our region.
  • Not intending to carry clubs on your trip? No problem, club hire is available at all courses.

Furano is one of the best golfing locations in Hokkaido with its comfortable summer climate, fresh mountain air, stunning mountain and forest scenery and beautifully designed and maintained courses.

Play is typically available from late April through to early November, unless the early arrival of our winter snows dictate otherwise. A particularly stunning time of year to indulge your golf passion is in Autumn, when the beautiful colours of the season that attract many visitors to Hokkaido, will be all around you.

The price of a round of golf varies from weekend and national holiday highs to weekday lows. Expect to pay anywhere from ¥3,000 to around ¥13,000 for a full round of 18 holes, depending upon the quality of the course and time of the week.

The 'premier' golfing options in Furano are provided at The Furano Golf Course, operated by Prince Hotels & Resorts. This Club has two 18 hole, par 72 courses, designed by Arnold Palmer. The 'Palmer Course' was designed with top pro tournaments in mind. It is a one-way course with challenging uphill and downhill undulations. Skill is required to navigate its many bunkers and ponds. The alternative course is the 'King Course', which is wider and more gently sloped, allowing for a more leisurely yet still exciting round of golf. Two-passenger golf carts are available at The Furano Golf Course.

The Club House at The Furano Golf Course is a rather basic affair, but has a locker room and Japanese-style bathhouse, as well as a simple lunch restaurant. Food options get a "cheap and cheerful" rating!

Orika Golf Resort

Another challenging local golf option, also set in stunning surroundings, is provided at The Orika Golf. This Club's 18 hole par 72 course enjoys an elevated location on the outskirts of Furano, with views to the Tokachi Mountain Range in the distance. The Club's flat fairways have been designed to ensure spaciousness, and each hole has an arrangement of natural forest, ponds and other hazards.

The facilities of the Orika Resort can be enjoyed after a round of golf, including its restaurant and bathhouse.

For a picturesque round of riverside golf, head to 'Sorachigawa Lavender no Mori' golf club, a 27 hole facility, that is located a very short distance from Furano on the banks of the Sorachi RIver. This course is the most reasonably priced of the local options.

Furano also offers a fun recreational alternative to traditional golf: 'Park Golf'. What is Park Golf? It follows the same concept of playing 18 holes, but over a substantially shorter distance than 6,000 yards, and instead of needing several clubs to play, all you need is one, especially designed for the game! You also do not need special shoes; just a pair of rubber-soled sports shoes.

Asahigaoka Park Golf

Asahigaoka Park Golf Course is located a short 5 minute walk from Furano Lofts. This 18 hole course sits at the foot of Mt. Namako, and is surrounded by cherry trees and natural forest. Nearby log cabin 'Cafe Akanara' provides an option to enjoy a cup of coffee and a snack after a round.


Furano Golf Course

Address: Yahataoka, Furano

Telephone: 0167-22-1111

Open: Mid Apr - early Nov

Courses: 'Palmer' - 7,171yds, 18 holes, par 72, 'King' - 6,659yds, 18 holes, par 72

Hours: AM tee-offs from 8:00am - 10:00am, PM tee-offs 12:00 - 12:30.

Hire: Yes

Buggies: Yes

Restaurant: Yes Fees: ¥7,700 - ¥12,700 Access: About 20 minutes by car or taxi from Furano,

Orika Golf Resort

Address: Sorachi District, Nakafurano,

Telephone: 0167-44-4880

Open: May - late Oct

Course: 6,243yds, 18 holes par 72

Hours: AM from 7:32 weekends 8:00am weekdays. Last tee-off13:01.

Hire: Yes

Motorized bags: Yes

Restaurant: Yes Fees: ¥6,800 - ¥11,000 Access: About 20 minutes by car or taxi from Furano,

Sorachigawa Lavender no Mori Golf Club

Address: Sorachi District, Shinanosawa

Telephone: 0167-22-4110

Open: May - late Oct

Courses: North Course - 5,850yds 18 holes, par 72 and South Course - 2.825yds 9 holes, par 34.

Hours: Tee-offs from 8:00am (or in main season from 4:30am - 6:00am) until 1:00pm. Twilight tee-offs 1:00pm - 2:00pm. Play closes 5:30pm.

Hire: Yes

Restaurant: Yes Fees: ¥3,000 - ¥4,000 Access: About 10 minutes by car or taxi from Furano

Asahigaoka Park Golf COurse

Address: Shimo-Goryou,

Telephone: 0167-23-1365

Open: End May - Early Oct

Course: 18 holes

Hours: 8:00am - sunset

Hire: Yes

Restaurant: No (café nearby) Fees: Free Access: 5 minutes walk from Furano Lofts, less by car. Parking available.

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