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Say "supersize me" at this famous local sushi restaurant: 'Fukuzushi'.

Key Points:

  • Despite Furano's central Hokkaido location, at the furthermost point from the sea of any town in Japan, you can still enjoy the freshest sushi varieties at this Furano dining institution!
  • Fresh seafood is delivered daily from various seaports around Japan with Hokkaido specialties featured.
  • An interesting and unique twist is that you can opt for regular or super-sized sushi servings (x 2.5 normal).
  • If raw fish is not to everyone in your group's liking, other dishes are also offered including a delicious 'Furano Jaga Don' or rice bowl with potato from Furano.

Fukuzushi's reputation is as the best sushi restaurant in Furano. Hokkaido specialties, 'hotate' (sea scallop) and 'uni' (sea urchin), as well as a wide selection of other seafood varieties, are served up daily by its skilled team of sushi chefs. You'd have to wonder why this formula called for a gimmick to be offered, but the restaurant has one: two serving sizes of sushi are available, 'regular' or 'supersize'. Both size options are priced the same, so the supersized serving is a clear choice!

Super-sized sushi essentially consists of a larger rice ball base, and this can be quite a mouthful, so be prepared!  There is no dainty way to consume a giant rice ball of sushi!

If you are a fan of uni, our advice is order this item in its super-sized version, and then to order all other items in regular size. The best uni in Japan comes from Hokkaido, so the super-sized version of vibrant orange uni will serve as much as a delight to your eyes as to your palate!

Sushi Bar seating in limited numbers can be reserved and is a fun option especially for an individual diner or couple. General seating is offered in either western or Japanese style.

Fukuzushi is spacious and capable of accommodating groups, plus a function room is available upon request. Traditional dishes such as tempura and various styles of 'don' or rice bowl are also offered.

More information: Fukuzushi

1-24 Asahi-machi, Furano-shi, Hokkaido 076-0026

Telephone: 0167 23 2617

Hours: 11:00 - 21:30

Closed: Monday

Eat In: Western or Japanese seating

Take-Out: Yes, also delivery available.

Reservations: Yes (Note: some peak dates may be walk-in only!)

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